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Inspirational Gems by Colum McCann, National Book Award Winner

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What inspires you? What touches the passion inside you? What brings out your creative side? What makes you want to create art?

For me, it’s good art, good writing, good movies, good photography. Generosity. Selflessness, Giving. Hope.

It’s a splash of color in a black and white world. It’s the…

Become a contributor to The Writing Prof and submit your stories about language and writing

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Hello, and welcome to The Writing Prof, a publication designed for all writers regardless of experience level. We want your stories about writing and language.

The Writing Prof seeks high quality submissions to further understand what it means to write and work at writing. It is a collection of ideas…

Monthly Newsletter

In which TWP pauses for the sake of holidays and memoir

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Welcome to issue #3 of A Word, Please, the monthly newsletter of The Writing Prof.

First, happy holidays! I hope the holidays finds you in good spirits, happy, healthy, and able to enjoy your time in the ways that you like best. Good cheer to you all.

This past month…

The Writing Process

Prewriting strategies will help you start

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You can start writing anywhere. It doesn’t have to be at the beginning. The writing process doesn’t care where you start.

Start anywhere. You can use traditional prewriting methods:

  • Freewriting — writing as quickly as you can in paragraphs without stopping, without thinking about punctuation, capitalization, spelling or even complete…

Learn how to tell your story from these experts

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Memory, like the weather, is a fickle lover. It’s inconsistent, moody, and tempestuous at times. It’s inconstant and it changes its mind. Memory isn’t a hard and fast file system in your brain. It’s an ever-evolving dynamic interaction between present happenings and our remembrance of an event.

Because of memory’s…

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