Complicity in the Capitol Insurrection Deaths

Calling out the traitors among us

Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

Forty-three United States Senators are complicit in the deaths of seven United States citizens. They are criminals and traitors to our country.

As a result of a mob violently attacking the United States Capitol on January 6 to stop the certification of the electoral college votes, five people died. Two more officers died by suicide in the following days attributed to the insurrection. More than 140 people were injured, most of them police officers.

The seven people who died are:

Brian Sicknick, 42, US Capitol Police Officer
Ashlii Babbitt, 35, US Air Force Veteran
Benjamin Phillips, 50, Computer Programmer
Kevin Greeson, 55
Roseanne Boyland, 34
Jeffrey Smith, 35, DC Police Officer
Howard Liebengood, 51, US Capitol Police Officer

Remember them. There is no difference between those who died that day and those who took their lives in the aftermath. There is no difference based on which side they were on. Those who stormed the Capitol were duped, lied to repeatedly for months. Nobody should have died that day.

Now meet the 43 United States Senators complicit in those deaths, those who voted to acquit Trump of inciting an insurrection. They are all Republicans:

Richard C. Shelby, Alabama
Tommy Tuberville, Alabama
Dan Sullivan, Alaska
John Boozman, Arkansas
Tom Cotton, Arkansas
Marco Rubio, Florida
Rick Scott, Florida
Mike Crapo, Idaho
James E. Risch, Idaho
Mike Braun, Indiana
Todd Young, Indiana
Joni Ernst, Iowa
Chuck Grassley, Iowa
Roger Marshall, Kansas
Jerry Moran, Kansas
Mitch McConnell, Kentucky
Rand Paul, Kentucky
John Kennedy, Louisiana
Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi
Roger F. Wicker, Mississippi
Roy Blunt, Missouri
Josh Hawley, Missouri
Steve Daines, Montana
Deb Fischer, Nebraska
Thom Tillis, North Carolina
Kevin Cramer, North Dakota
John Hoeven, North Dakota
Rob Portman, Ohio
James M. Inhofe, Oklahoma
James Lankford, Oklahoma
Lindsey Graham, South Carolina
Tim Scott, South Carolina
Mike Rounds, South Dakota
John Thune, South Dakota
Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee
Bill Hagerty, Tennessee
John Cornyn, Texas
Ted Cruz, Texas
Mike Lee, Utah
Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia
Ron Johnson, Wisconsin
John Barrasso, Wyoming
Cynthia M. Loomis, Wyoming

Traitors all. Vote them out.

Nobody Should Die During Electoral Vote Counting

The United States has certified electoral college votes 45 times before. People do not die during this ceremonial process.

But this year, seven people died. All because one person with the biggest bully pulpit in the world concocted and spread a monstrous lie (among so many lies): that the election was fraudulent.

It wasn’t true the first time he said it. It’s not true now.
It will never be true.
Wanting it to be true doesn’t make it true.
Hating those who won won’t make it true either.

That the 2020 election was fraudulent is a lie, the BIG LIE.

Trump is a Fraud

If you are a Trump supporter, you’ve been had. Donald J. Trump is a con man. He’s a criminal. A thug. A wannabe mafia Don. And he’s always been that way. His business empire is filled with fraud and failures and scams. Do your homework. He didn’t implicate himself by walking to the Capitol with you. He used you. He’s a savvy criminal, not a stable genius. He let you take the fall. For four years and his whole life he has lied to the public and to himself about his fraudulent ways. And you bought it.

If you are a Trump supporter, you are the definition of P.T. Barnum’s saying. “There’s a sucker born every minute.” You are a sucker.

But this isn’t just a circus freak you got conned into seeing. This is a dangerous insurrection against your country. Because you were duped, lied to, by someone you thought you could trust.

People died. People will go to jail and stay there for a long while. People’s lives are ruined. Donald J. Trump lives a free man. There is something horribly wrong with this picture.

The President of the United States is not supposed to be a con man. A third-rate thug. A misogynistic, racist, narcissistic cartoon shadow of an oaf of a man, a huckster, a shyster, an out and out bad and evil human being.

There is one person who is responsible for those Capitol deaths: Donald J. Trump. Without him and his Big Lie in the equation, the insurrection doesn’t happen.

Trump will always bear an asterisk of shame, a Scarlet “I” on his breast, in the annals of the American presidency. The perfect letter for a megalomaniac narcissist.

He didn’t have to be there to be responsible. Just as Manson led his followers and was not present during the Tate-LaBianca murders, Trump incited his followers to commit acts that left seven people dead. He laid the foundation with the Big Lie of election fraud for months, whipped the crowd into a frenzy, and incited them to riot.

And because of the January 6 insurrection, Trump will always bear an asterisk of shame, a Scarlet “I” on his breast, in the annals of the American presidency. The perfect letter for a megalomaniac narcissist.

Trump helped by Republican Complicity

Trump had help. The Republican party sold its soul to use Donald J. Trump, and he used them right back.

The Republican party is morally bankrupt, completely corrupt, interested only in naked power. They are not a friend to the average American.

The insurrection happened. In these United States. It was televised. The entire country, the world witnessed it. Voting against impeachment does not erase the insurrection or the cause of it or who is responsible for it

Forty-three Republican senators voted to acquit Trump on the charge of incitement to insurrection. They too are complicit in/responsible for the deaths of those seven Americans who died at or from the Capitol insurrection. Most had made up their mind ahead of time. Most objected to the process. Many didn’t even pay attention to the proceedings, like naughty school boys not paying attention in the back of the class. To my Republican friends, this is your example of upstanding United States Senators? This is who you vote into office?

Mitch McConnell said the Senate lacked jurisdiction to impeach Trump. Bullshit.

The Senate VOTED to rule that the impeachment proceedings were constitutional. He and the others can’t just decide on their own if they are going to follow that rule or not. They swore oaths and VIOLATED THOSE OATHS to impartially consider their vote. And after the vote, McConnell claimed that Trump was practically and morally responsible for the insurrection. What a weak coward McConnell is.

The United States Senate is hopelessly broken.

Where did Republican values go? Where did small government and fiscal responsibility go? Where are the Republican Statesmen? Republicans are now the party of racism, white supremacy, xenophobia, transphobia, hypocritical Christianity, anti-science, big spending (but only on things they care about, not on anything that can help the American people), polluting the environment, and tax breaks for the rich. What a laudable portfolio.

From Nixon’s crimes to Reagan’s economic violence against the middle class to George W. Bush’s illegal wars to Donald J. Trump’s desecration of the United States constitution and basic human decency, the Republican party is corrupt to the core.

Republicans care about naked power, pure and simple, by any means. Even by cheating. Even by proclaiming a big lie.

Those who voted for Trump’s acquittal are traitors to our country.

Those who voted for acquittal are cowardly simpering sycophants.
There are would-be dictators among them.

Their vote for acquittal is an act of cowardice.

Their vote for acquittal says that a President can commit major crimes in the final months in office and not be held to account.

Their vote for acquittal says that a President can present a Big Lie, lead an insurrection against our own government, and not be held to account.

Their vote for acquittal has laid the foundation for the violent overthrow of our government by one of our own. They have laid the groundwork for the United States to become an oppressive Fascist regime.

Those who voted for acquittal have betrayed their oaths of office and to the constitution.

Those who voted for acquittal are traitors to our country.

Thank you to the seven Republicans who voted what their eyes and ears saw that day, that Trump incited an insurrection against our own country. You have a tall order in remaking your party. Seven vs. forty-three and more than 74 million Trump voters. Good luck.

Forgive me if I don’t trust you. You have a long long way to go before I believe a Republican can be an honest trustworthy broker for the American people.

Vote the Traitors Out

The time for listening to these traitors is done. Hold them responsible for their actions. No more reaching across the aisle. No more second chances.

They have laid the groundwork for the end of the United States.

Kiss “We the people” goodbye.
Kiss “life, liberty, and the pursuit or happiness” goodbye.
Kiss “all men* are created equal” goodbye.

If those Senate Republicans will not hold a criminal responsible for the seven deaths caused by this insurrection, then they can not be trusted to honor their oaths and do their jobs.

Watch your backs, and vote the traitors out.

Lee G. Hornbrook taught college English for 25 years in every time zone in the continental United States. He writes about current events, literature, movies, mental health, growing up in the San Fernando Valley, and is at work on a memoir. Find him on Twitter @awordpleaseblog and at his personal blog A Word, Please, or his Medium publication Valley Dude.

Writer, Editor. Vegan, Sailor, Non-conformist. Former college writing teacher. **I Write. Mostly Words. Every Day.**

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