Liz Cheney Deserves Our Thanks and Respect

Cheney is the Only Republican Brave Enough to Tell Truth to Power

Photo by Marco Oriolesi on Unsplash

I am not a Republican, not even close. But when I watch what is happening today in the Republican party, it scares me. I must admit that I admire Liz Cheney for standing up for the truth, even at the expense of losing her position. Telling truth to power isn’t easy, but it’s the right thing to do.

Liz Cheney lost her position as #3 in power as the Conference Leadership Chair in the Republican minority today for refusing to let Trump off the hook for his responsibility in inciting the insurrection of January 6th. He inflamed the crowd with “the Big Lie” that the election was fraudulent. It was not. He is responsible for trying to undermine and overthrow the electoral process in the United States. Why he isn’t in jail is beyond me. He’s a total threat to our way of life.

Only one Republican had the decency to give Cheney any respect and listen to her speech. Their disrespect is like a child putting their hands over their ears and screaming “la la la” to not hear what they should.

Truth and fact is no longer a product of the Republican party. They are the party of conspiracy theory and power grabbing by whatever means necessary, including enacting restrictive voting laws and partisan gerrymandering.

This should not surprise us. The hypocrisy of the Republican party is legendary, condemning abortion rights — a constitutional right determined by our Supreme Court — in the name of saving the unborn. The support protecting the unborn while more than 100 people are killed EACH DAY because Republicans won’t support common sense gun laws. “There’s nothing we can do about it,” they say. That’s plainly not true.

Cheney will not give Trump a pass, nor should she. Nor should anyone else. He attempted, and will attempt again if given a chance, to destroy our country. She deserves our thanks for continuing to speak the truth about this horrible, dangerous man. She should be applauded for standing up to everyone in her party.

Hitler went to jail, wrote Mein Kampf, and upon release regained power and then took control of the government and changed the history of the world in dramatic and traumatic ways.

Trump doesn’t care about our country. He cares about power, pure and simple, and will use any means necessary to regain that power.

Right now, the Cyber Ninjas in Arizona, funded and ran solely by the Republican party in a most horribly mismanaged process, are attempting a recount of votes in Arizona to try to prove there was election tampering and fraud. There was not.

Right now, most Republicans in high leadership positions are rallying around Trump, in a cult of personality, rather than around solid issues. Once the party of fiscal responsibility, they exploded the national debt under Trump to give tax breaks to the rich. The Republican party is now nothing more than a cult.

What do the Republicans even stand for anymore? They can’t say. They won’t say.

Trump continues to espouse the insane idea that the election was stolen from him, in Arizona, in Michigan. It’s his one tune. He will take that tune to his grave because to admit anything else is to contend with the fact that he LOST the election. He’s a loser.

Well, maybe it wasn’t stolen. People voted Trump out because he was just that bad, a lying, incompetent narcissist. Trump is a fraud. He killed hundreds of thousands of people by lying about the pandemic. He botched the initial vaccine rollout. He gave tax breaks to his friends.

Trump incited an insurrection against the United States. Trump repeated again and again the big lie about election fraud. If you don’t have selective memory like the majority of the Republican party, Trump cited election fraud BEFORE the election even took place. Such a stable genius — he can see the future before it happens! He set the ground work for the post-election insanity. FRAUD! CRIMINAL!

Trump is dangerous. And I agree with Cheney and support her 100%. He should never be allowed close to the Oval Office ever again.

Please join me in thanking Liz Cheney for admirable service to the United States of America.

Lee G. Hornbrook taught college English for 25 years in every time zone in the continental United States. He writes about current events, literature, movies, mental health, growing up in the San Fernando Valley, and is at work on a memoir. Find him on Twitter @awordpleaseblog and at his personal blog A Word, Please, or his Medium publication Valley Dude.

Writer, Editor. Vegan, Sailor, Non-conformist. Former college writing teacher. **I Write. Mostly Words. Every Day.**

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